Nana Calistar's horoscope for March 2, 2023.

Nana Calistar's horoscope for March 2, 2023.


Astrological movements will bring you very thoughtful if you have a partner take advantage of these changes because there are possibilities to loosen up at the end of the week. If you have a partner and they have been distant, remember what you have done to improve the relationship, sometimes material things are superfluous and the time you dedicate to your partner is the most important thing. You see the storm and do not kneel if you see that you are gaining weight, lower the flour and tacos and it will be difficult for you to lose the weight you gain. Do not trust so much in friends that days come and days do not even show their nose, take more care of your image because a person who is very important to you could disappoint you. You will agree with that gossip that reached your ears and that it was hard for you to believe about a certain person because the tests that they will show you and life will give you will open your eyes. Changes are coming in many areas, it is important that you learn not to fall into temptations that could lead you to make very serious mistakes.


Don’t trust people you barely know, they give you a lot of mouthing off and tell all your top secrets and then they gossip you. Changes are coming in the way you act with certain people and with good reason, you will lose the bandage on your face and begin to treat them as they deserve. You have friends who are in a bad mood that even they can’t stand and bipolar, stay away from these people because you will walk like a sponge and they could affect your aura and environment to the point that at the end of the day you begin to fall into depressive states. Trips are approaching and reunion with ex love, something could be born again. You are going to find out unexpected news that will make you happy. Love from the past will be remembered and you will become melancholic. A new love could appear these days, it will appear through a friendship, it will make you feel things that you thought did not exist. If you have a relationship, you must learn to respect and believe in your partner, if there is no trust, there is no point in you continuing to waste your time.


If you have a relationship and it is going from strength to strength, pay close attention because jealousy and misunderstandings could come, you are very fond of your partner and you have not been fighting for things that were not in your year or any situation if you are suspicious So I don’t know what you’re doing there. It is possible that a job change opportunity will arrive, you will be somewhat tense or tense not knowing what decision to make, grab the bull by the horns and do what your heart dictates. Sometimes your way of being makes you come into conflict with other people, you are sometimes very intense or intense and direct and that makes a lot of sense to the envious, do not limit yourself and that is worth it. If you’re in a relationship, stop being jealous, you’re very dramatic about making storms in glasses of water when you don’t even know how reality was. A lot of pull comes, stress, mortifications and more shingaderas that will leave you very tired or tired, but with extra wool, no longer cry to those who left and did not want to continue.


Your emotional stability will depend on your desire to get ahead. New loves are approaching and the possibility of establishing a relationship. Before going around giving advice, fix your life because the one I told you about is taking it, you have a strong opinion on all issues, but they should not interfere with the issue of your life because you become Niurka Marcos. Pay attention to your dreams because they will reveal some things that will leave you frozen. Travel is coming, changes at work, good luck in gambling. Give yourself the opportunity to go out and meet more people, life will put the right person on your path who will make you feel special and remove all those fears that have not allowed you to move forward, let life and time do their job, remember that God’s times are perfect and that person will arrive when they have to arrive. A certain situation from the past could create conflict for you. It’s time to start from scratch and show the world, but especially you, who you are and what you can achieve.

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In matters of love, important changes because you will be confused and you will be living between two homes that are so odd, that is, you could develop feelings for two people and become melancholy for not knowing who to choose. Remember that if you ap3ndeja you will end up as the dog with the two cakes. Possibility of change of residence. A new friendship is coming will make you understand many things that you did not see before. People don’t feed you and you’re old enough to live off the miseries they could offer you. It is possible that you feel the need to apologize to a friend because you watered it down a long time ago, do it and don’t stay with the desire and life will take care of the rest. A social event is coming and the possibility of getting in bed with friendship, waters because you could fall in love and in the end not be reciprocated in the way you want.


Time to learn from mistakes and focus on what is worth it, pay no attention to neighborhood gossip or people who only come into your life to destabilize you. Ex-partner has thought a lot about you and because of that you will have a dream with him or her. If you have a partner, try to control your mood and not bring lawsuits from the past to the present. Remember that life is only lived once so take flight and learn to be happy. Don’t limit yourself to anything anymore or live on your knees for anyone. You will handle yourself as a witch or witch these days because just by seeing the person you will be able to realize the intentions they may have with you, it is time that you take advantage of this streak to put in their place and show those people who have spent their time getting into trouble. your existence. If they sent you away, it’s time to start over and learn from those experiences, try to talk more with your family and clear up any misunderstandings as soon as possible so they don’t become a time bomb. If you have a relationship, stop things and do not walk others.


This is not the time to think about yesterday but about the present to achieve objectives and goals. Beware of betrayals and heartbreak in case of having a relationship. There is a person who is very envious of you and who could get you into trouble at any time, do not tell him things that you should not because you will get into serious trouble. It is important that you change your way of thinking and look after your dreams and goals. You will find out about a pregnancy and the breakdown of a relationship within the family or with some friends. Learn to stop criticizing your friends if they are one of those who like to walk more every weekend their things and their nachas are very important, don’t worry that it’s worth it to them and not to you because you care a lot about what they will say You are going to bring a bit of luck that you could find money or receive some payment or money that was owed to you. Important moments are approaching between them, a family reunion and you will meet a person that you have not seen for a long time. You could be the victim of jealousy on the part of a friend, sometimes he shows sentimental interest in you and others he simply ignores you.


A good meeting is coming with a person who has meant a lot to you, who should not lower your defenses or take away your stability. Be careful with two white-skinned friends, in addition to being very lazy, they will all rant against you and get into very ugly gossip. A party at the door and the arrival of special news. Beware of a person of the opposite sex who could get you in trouble for gossip. If you are in a relationship, be careful not to turn on the boiler with other people. If you have a partner in the distance, important changes are coming because all the time invested could be worth nothing, since this person may not be willing to sacrifice their time, money and effort on you. Important changes are coming in your life, including the loss of one or two kilos these days, an opportunity to improve income through a business that you have brought in mind. This is not the time to beg for love or affection or attention for anyone, it is time to focus on what really matters and is worth it, which is your happiness and your projects.

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If you are in a relationship, it is time to take the next step, you could start a very beautiful stage filled with a lot of love, but that will depend on your attitude and your partner’s. Your sense of humor and way of seeing life are a point in your favor because that draws a lot of attention from those around you, don’t take things so hard in labor discussions and don’t let stupid comments slip, especially if they come of people who are nothing. You will lose a friendship due to misunderstandings and a distant family member will become closer to the family, be careful not to talk too much when they don’t ask your opinion. Be careful with expecting more than the number of people who, far from joining you, only subtract you. If you have a partner, remember that in private you must be very perris and during the day a lady from your house, that does not fail to have your partner well insured, well, not always, sometimes. Possibility of changes of address or you will carry out a procedure. Do not get carried away by gossip at work or among your family.


Be careful with the arrival of a new friend, you could fall in love badly because of the way he treats you and in the end realize that this person is already in a relationship. Be careful with racing because an accident could arise at any moment while walking on the street. Improvements in your work and the visit of a friend from distant lands in the next few days. New loves could arrive and they could even join you, be careful and do not walk too much or you could get into trouble and end up as the dog with the two cakes. Learn to keep your mouth shut and not comment on anything, especially when you don’t even know how things were or else they could snort or get you into very serious trouble. Keep in mind that you were not born to beg anyone but to be begged so learn to love yourself and take your rightful place. There are days of changes in which you could feel sad and melancholic when remembering a person from your past who meant a lot to you. Take care of mood swings because if you have a partner you could splash them with your bad vibes and anger.

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You find out about the break in the friendship relationship and they will approach you to ask for advice. It is possible that gossip about a person from the past reaches you, it does not have to affect you, it is a full stop. Do not allow yourself to fail at anything anymore and show yourself and especially the whole world how far you can go. You will handle yourself in a very positive tone during the day, take advantage of that attitude to mobilize and do great things. You don’t have to be putting up with anyone, you have enough to put up with your character that you load yourself to be putting up with people who don’t have to do. You will walk in a very cannon tone, you will speak ill of half the world and you will not leave anyone and it is fine as long as you do not rant against the people who are really important to you, then you will go around asking for excuses. The gossip will be wholesale and will come from people you never imagined, let all those issues slip away, send them away and don’t worry that you don’t live on them.


There are times when you get desperate when you don’t see your goals achieved, remember that the only thing that falls from the sky is rain, put your batteries together and work on what you want that is about to come true. This is not the time for unnecessary investments that, far from helping you, will only cause you some problems. At night you are very depressed because what was not, you only have one life and you must live it every day as if it were the last day you have left. things. It is time for you to visualize your future because with your mind you could attract many things and make them happen. If your partner does not make you feel the way you want, it is time to see what is happening in that relationship and begin to return to what they were when they met and fell in love..If you want to feel better and leave in the past all bipolarities, anger and those issues that do not let you move forward, it is time to send away all that bunch of people who, far from benefiting you or helping you to be well, only fill your brain and your life. of pebbles. Be careful with gossip at home or with changes in your diet that could trigger stomach pain or infections. Opportunity for a trip or a change of residence at any time.



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