Named a product that doubles the risk of stomach cancer

Japanese scientists set up an experiment to find out how food, alcohol and smoking can affect the risk of stomach cancer. For 11 years, experts monitored volunteers and collected information about their diet.

During this period, stomach cancer was diagnosed in 358 men out of 18 684, and 128 cases of the disease were registered among 20 381 people.

After analyzing the questionnaires in which the study participants talked about their diet, the scientists found out: people who eat 12 to 15 grams of salt per day, double the risk of stomach cancer.

In addition, experts say that the risk of cancer is higher in those who smoke and eat few vegetables and fruits. This is especially true for men.

Usually, the love of salt is associated with cardiovascular disease. The fact is that salt retains water in the body. As a result, the load on the heart increases.

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