Named a distinctive feature of the strain “omicron”

January 14, 2022 08:25


Immunologist-allergist Vladimir Bolibok said that the hallmark of the COVID-19 strain “omicron” is the absence of chest pain. It is reported by “Moscow 24”.

According to the expert, unlike other variants of coronavirus, patients are least likely to complain of chest pain.

“She [боль ] was characteristic of those who developed pneumonia that affected the pleura. Omicron can also cause pneumonia, people die from this covid pneumonia with a large lesion, but chest pain has become less common, ”Bolibok explained.

The immunologist also listed the symptoms that indicate infection with a new strain.

“A sign of omicron is severe sore throat, nasal congestion, dry cough,” he said.

Also, the presence of an infection, as Bolibok added, will be indicated by a headache, fever and severe weakness.

Formerly virologist Sergey Netesov predicted incidence of COVID-19 in Russia from “omicron”.




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