Gwenny Blanckaert (32) and her husband Marino Vaneeno (39) are expecting a baby boy. They shared the news on Facebook.

The siblings of the future baby are named, in order of birth, Alex (13), Axel (12), Xela (11), Lexa (10), Xael (9), Xeal (8), Exla (5), Leax (4), Xale (2), Elax (1) and Alxe (6 months).

Are the names never confusing? A little bit, the couple confessed earlier to Belgian media. “Sometimes I make a mistake of name, but that can happen to anyone. The teachers have a bit more trouble with it.” Xeal, Xela, Alex, Exla and Xael all attend the same school, Blanckaert said.

With twelve children already, the number of combinations that can still be made with the four letters is limited. A quick calculation shows that there are a total of 24 options, but that is not a problem according to the couple: they previously indicated that they did not want more than twelve children. “With twelve it is complete. A whole dozen of ourselves,” Blanckaert told Belgian media.

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