Najwa Ibrahim embarrasses the journalist, Lamis Al Hadidi, on the air, and reveals her true profession before fame… A big unexpected surprise!

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The media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, said: There are many minutes during my journey that were difficult and decisive, and I stood in front of the minute

In which I persuaded Professor Muhammad Hassanein Heikal after his refusal, and then he said to me: “Okay, Lamees, let’s do the dialogue.”

And she continued, during the “Al Dom” contestants program, broadcast on the “On E” channel: “Instead of what I was going to work with Professor Heikal Hawar, I met them with 26 exclusive dialogues, and this was a breakdown for me.”

She pointed out: “It contains many details through which we will choose the candidates or contestants in the program, including language, speech, word exits, and persuasion in the manner of performance and passion.”

She added: “I am against impartiality and there is no neutrality in the media, but there is an objective attempt to present the different viewpoints, and from selected times the glint of impartiality and clear biases on clear issues.”

But I try to be as objective as possible.”
For her part, the media, Najwa Ibrahim, said: “From one minute, I can choose the right contestant in terms of appearance, appearance, aura and acceptance.

If chemistry occurred between me and the contestant, he would feel that he could come from him, from his way, his determination and persistence, and there are people who can shine without when they are wearing sequins.”

Najwa Ibrahim criticized Lamis Al-Hadidi’s view of the lack of impartiality, saying: “I am against her point of view, perhaps because she is a journalist, because she is ignorant.”

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The original profession must say its opinion, but as long as she remains a broadcaster, I must be impartial and I do not have the right to say my opinion because it affects the audience, and people are left to be divided into two groups.



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