Nabilla and her family arrived in Los Angeles for vacation. Her son Milann has just had a health problem, she confides very sad on Snapchat.

The holidays have finally started for the Vergara. After several days of moving to Dubai, the little family decided to fly to the United States to rest. Nabilla and Thomas are also very happy with the villa they have just rented for their stay. The young woman has several plans for her trip. In particular, she will undergo a breast operation for medical reasons.

But since their arrival, Nabilla and her little family have struggled to adapt to the jet lag. Little Milann in particular has a lot of difficulty getting to sleep. And to this problem of fatigue is added a new problem. The little boy cried all night because of an infection in his ear. The very saddened young mother confides in this event.

Nabilla: “I am a bad mother”

For several weeks, little Milann was already showing signs of suffering in his ear. The child scratched it frequently, but Nabilla didn’t think it was anything serious at the time. Very saddened not to have reacted earlier, she confides on Snapchat: “I felt a lot guilty, how come, I’m a bad mother. I didn’t see that my son had anything. Poor guy, he can’t speak and he tries to tell me by touching my ear ” she comments. The young woman spent the day yesterday crying over the pain of her baby.

Today, everything is better for Milann. After the doctor’s visit and medication, the pain in her ear has already subsided. Young parents are relieved. Nabilla was also able to count on the support of her husband Thomas who was able to comfort her. The little family should finally be able to enjoy their vacation in LA with peace of mind.