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Nabilla sick and taunted by Thomas: she can not approach her son anymore

Nabilla started her new life in Dubai! Surrounded by her husband Thomas Vergara and their son Milann, she could not be happier. It must be said that the villa that the merry family has invested has enough to turn pale with jealousy. But unfortunately, the pretty brunette of 27 years could not enjoy a long time. No sooner had she landed in the United Arab Emirates than she caught an unfortunate infection.

Indeed, on Snapchat, Nabilla unveiled a small mine. "The time is bad, I got sick in Dubai, I did not get sick for three years in London, and now I'm sick in the desert, I'm at the end of my life. masks so as not to contaminate my family and my son", she told her millions of followers.

The next day, business did not seem to be arranged for the young mother. Even worse, she was forced to move away from her toddler. Impossible for her to cajole him, to change his diapers or to give him the bottle … In short, a real ordeal for Nabilla, which on the contrary made her husband Thomas laugh. It is with undisguised pride that the handsome boy had fun strutting in front of his beautiful baby in his arms.

"I'm waking up this morning, I'm very sick, I have not slept all night, I just coughed and cried, because I can not get close to my son, they put me in quarantine"said the former reality TV star on the social platform with emotion," Visibly happy to have the adorable Milann just for him, Thomas does not hesitate to add a layer: "Yeah, do not come near it." "As if I was not sad enough," then, Nabilla is sad. Let's hope for her that this bad cold is only a bad memory.


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