Nabilla: About to give birth, her message worries!

A pregnancy not so serene for Nabilla! While she is forced to go to the hospital once a week, the beauty is impatiently awaiting her delivery. Tired, the young woman is a bit exhausted, as she confides on Instagram: “ I sit on the left, he doesn’t like it. It hits a little. I turn around, it’s not okay. In addition, it presses me on the uterus or the bladder. The wall below… He or she has turned around, so it’s head-butting. Because it’s different. I feel like it’s a girl. She’s gonna make me miserable. ». « I’m a bit pissed off. But that’s the end, that’s how it is. I have to rest, but I feel like that’s all I do. There are a lot of things I can’t do anymore, so I’m a little frustrated. And I’ve run out of energy. ».

Nabilla: A surprise arrival?

In addition to an intervention on the side of Thomas Vergara, the young woman sees her son seriously ill. On April 6, the beautiful brunette recounts her big fright: “ We haven’t slept all night. We went to the hospital because our son was not breathing. His lungs were completely… He actually picked up bacteria and he couldn’t even call me during the night. “. “As the nappies were removed, I woke up at 4 a.m., went to see him in bed and he was wide awake. And he couldn’t even shout ‘Mom’ or call me, he had no more voice. ‘Cause he couldn’t breathe. ». « We stayed until 6 am at the clinic. They put him on a respirator, just to disinfect, with products inside. “. But that’s not all !

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Exhausted, the future mother publishes a disturbing message on her Snapchat: “ I’m lying down, I had small contractions, I’m exhausted. I have six weeks left, I feel like I’m going to give birth tomorrow. “. A publication that immediately alerted the web! Impending childbirth? It would seem that the beauty still has to rest a lot before welcoming her baby: “ I have everything very low, so once a week I have to go and pack vitamins for the baby and for myself. So that I don’t collapse. “. Courage Nabilla!



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