Mysterious ‘Planet 9’ may have ‘escaped’ from solar system

A new study offers possible explanations for how our solar system might have gotten its shape.

A recently released one Study in the journal Nature provides – indirectly – evidence that our solar system in its formation 9. Planets could have had. Of the “lost planet‘ could therefore be a Gasriese have been as they occur in the outer solar system. This theory would go a long way toward explaining why our solar system looks the way it does today reports.

The team that wrote the study conducted about 14,000 simulations to figure out how the solar system got into the form we know. The simulations indicate that there is a instability in the orbits of the giant planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and possibly “Planet 9 has given. The planets would originally be much closer to the early form of the Sonne (to the protostar) before strong fusion reactions were triggered on it. As those formed, gas and dust were ejected outward at the same time as the planets. That could have thrown “Planet 9” out of our solar system.

The scientists suspect that these events triggered rapid and chaotic changes in the orbits of the planets. Seth Jacobson of the Michigan State University, who was involved in the study, calls this a “universal source of planetary instability in the galaxy.” The instability would therefore have to have taken place much earlier than in Nice model adopted from 2005. In that, an attempt is also made to explain the migration of the planets and the formation of orbits.

Debate about the existence of “Planet 9”

The new simulations are not definitive proof of the existence of a 9th planet. However, they were able to show that the end result is similar – regardless of whether you start with 4 or 5 gas giants. In the paper itself, the researchers deliberately did not want to specifically go into the existence of the 9th planet because the topic so controversial be. “But we like to talk about it with the public,” Jacobson said loudly SciTechDaily.

Scientists have been puzzling over the possible existence of a 9th planet on the outer edge of our solar system for a long time. While some studies of such a planet beyond the Kuiper belt go out, there are also dissenting voices. other scientists say it at ease no evidence for the existence of planet 9. While the researchers did not want to rule out the possibility that Planet 9 does not exist, they assume that it is much less likely than the research has shown so far.



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