The human remains found inside an apartment in the center of the city could correspond to a retired man whose whereabouts have been unknown since the summer, but DNA tests and other scientific techniques will be necessary to be able to achieve an identification.

The investigators, both from the DDI Mar del Plata and the prosecutor’s office in charge of Leandro Arévalo, are now focused on locating two people linked to the retiree and who would have left the department of Corrientes at 1500 in the fall, indicated the sources consulted by LA CAPITAL.

On the other hand, it turned out that the finding was made by employees of a company that the owner of the department hired for cleaning.

The story that is trying to clarify at this time contains some mysteries and to be solved there are only a few pieces of evidence found in the place, in addition to testimonies from people in the building.

According to what could be reconstructed so far, the apartment on the 18th floor was occupied in 2020 by a couple made up of a 75-year-old man and a 72-year-old woman. In the months before the end of the year, the man suffered an accident and was unable to leave the building. What is now being investigated is whether a known man from the center enters the plot, somewhat less than the couple, and who would have started to frequent the department.

The owner of the property, a woman of almost 90 years from the Federal Capital, stopped receiving the rent and for that reason she intimidated the occupants of the place to leave. This would only have happened in the month of March and since then the department has been closed.

At that time, a lawyer representing the owner would have attended to do a review and she found a lot of dirt and there was even a dog. Zoonosis intervention was necessary to bring the animal, but no one saw anything unusual in the department. Yes there was a strong smell but that would have been attributed to mess and dirt.

In recent days, the owner of the building ordered to hire a cleaning company to put everything in condition and this Friday, upon entering the property, a bag with human remains was found inside.

Although the scene was far from corresponding to a natural death, investigators did not venture to speak of homicide until the autopsy report. It is that, although it may seem strange, there are cases of manipulation of corpses after a natural death. In any case, the almost mummified state of the body was not guaranteed to know the causes of death. What the Forensic Medical Corps of the Scientific Police took to work in the municipal morgue was a bag with a torso with limbs but no hands or arms.

In the place the police kidnapped two DNIs and both would belong to the members of the retired couple.

For now, nothing is known about the 72-year-old woman or the man younger than her who used to hang around the city center.