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Andrei Makarevich and Einat Klein. Filmed in Tanzania

(Photo from the family archive)

It is very difficult to talk on the record with a person with whom you have been talking informally for many years. In addition, I will not hide the fact that I love Andrei Makarevich very much. He himself believes that if you “love”, then you can not say why. But I know for sure. For the style and spirit, for the complete absence of pathos and everyday courage to call a spade a spade. For the way he looks at his wife. For all the cats, dogs and fish he painted.

Now Andrei Makarevich is in Israel, recently a son was born to him and his wife Einat Klein, who was named Eitan.

– Not so long ago, your wife Einat wrote on her Facebook that three new fears arose in her life with the advent of a child: that he would not choke, that he would not choke, and that he would sleep well. She is new, and what challenges did Eitan bring to his dad, are you already an experienced father?

– The last experience was a long time ago, so everything is like the first time. He is so small now that I am afraid to pick him up, suddenly something will break there. Although he is in all respects in order.

– Architecture is just the thing in which everything is mixed, so I’m not going to distribute anything.

– And how to live with all this? What to do?

– You have to do what you can do. If it’s quite rude: you can alleviate the situation of refugees, then this should be dealt with. If you can’t take and stop the war today, then you don’t have to howl and tear out the remnants of your hair, as many journalists are doing now, and from which I’m just sick in all directions. This is a very amateur attempt to keep yourself in the profession. Broadcasting your shitty emotions is not quite a journalistic technique.

– Now so many creative people have left their native places that the question of some kind of supra-territorial community, I don’t know, the International Russia association, is increasingly arising. And the world needs to somehow digest such a large number of emigrants. Is the model viable, do you think?

– If this can arise, then rather in the field of business. Because people in the arts tend to be on their own. Only fools gather in flocks, as Okudzhava sang. And with their difficulties, everyone will have to cope alone. Although I still hope that this madness will end soon – and many will return.

– But you yourself quite calmly perceive close unfriendly attention to yourself, mainly from political opponents. And it didn’t start yesterday. Can you spit on it?

– Well, I try. This is happening for the tenth time in a row, and they do not have enough imagination to come up with something fundamentally different. “Makarevich insulted the Russians again” – they usually do not go further than this phrase. And every time I politely try to explain to them: guys, I didn’t insult the Russians, I’m talking specifically about you, assholes. In vain you think that you are the whole of Russia.

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– I’m sorry, but the story of gas spraying at your concert is already “go further”.

– Well, okay, that was three years ago (in 2014 – Prim. N. B.).

– Well, where is the bottom?

– Yes, there is no bottom. Who saw him?

– I wouldn’t be surprised if humanity comes up with something worse.

– For me, the main symbol of your “do not bend under a changing world” is Regina Jonas, who became the first female rabbi in Nazi Germany in 1935. And she did her job right up to her own death in the same Auschwitz in 1942. Not bending to such an extent – is it normal?

– If she is a real rabbi, a real priest, then this is normal: she fulfills her duty to the last.

– Then remember the orchestra that played until the last minute on the deck of the Titanic. These artists also fulfilled their duty to the last.

– There are a lot of mediocre priests. And a lot of mediocre artists. But if we are talking about the best, the comparison is valid.

– Do you have a responsibility to your audience? They listen to you, for some it’s not even songs, but commandments…

– Not. I have responsibility for what I do. I am responsible for my every word and for my every note. As Kolya, Vanya or Vasya understood it – I did not hire them to decipher it, let them think for themselves.

– Do you feel like an Israeli?

– Have your poems been translated into Hebrew? Do you like it? At least, what does it sound like?

– Something yes, something no, but sound alone is not enough. To assess the quality of a translation, you need to know the language very well.

Somehow, for one project, I needed to translate several of my poems into English. I asked Yuz Aleshkovsky, and he advised me one lady from Canada. She translated several poems. But vers libre. I say to Yuzu: cool, but I actually carefully worked on each rhyme. He replies: my dear, in America for 50 years no one has written in rhyme.

One American translator confessed to me that our cult Kurt Vonnegut loses a lot in the original. Rita Wright-Kovaleva’s translation greatly adorned him. I later read it in the original, and I’ll tell you honestly, in some ways, maybe she’s right …

– Will a Hebrew-speaking reader understand, say, the book “The Sheep Himself”?

– Shukshin, in his dying interview, practically explained that art is not about what, but how.

– And what are the plans for Eitan’s future?

– It will definitely be bilingual. The wife has already figured out the technology and sequence. He will start with Russian at home, by the age of three or four he will speak Russian, and at four he will enter Hebrew quickly and without stress.

– And how is your wine project developing with Einat?

– In May, we are expected to present our second wine – “Four Cats”, the first was “Three Cats”. There will be four components of the blend in this. I think this will be more interesting than the previous one. Talking about wine is like dancing about architecture. But if you liked the first, then you will like the second even more.

– Different generations give birth to different tastes. Do you like rap?

– Not. It’s not that you don’t like it. Good jazz gives me goosebumps, but rap does not happen physiologically. I can intelligently tell good rap from bad rap. But only with the mind and some baggage of his profession.

– Does chemically pure poetry have a right to exist without music? You have recently been promoting the work of the truly remarkable poet Alexander Kabanov.

– Poetry is an absolutely self-sufficient thing. She doesn’t need any music. And damn the idiot who tries to make a song out of a good verse. Kabanov today is definitely in the first place in poetry. And on the second there are already a lot of people.

– Your home, wherever it is, what are its main symbols?

– I’m a terrible hoarder. My house is full of all sorts of gizmos that I need to do something based on them. This is a mass of books, reproductions, some old coppers, old glass, old watches. The uninitiated will think that he went into an antique shop. And this is really what allows me, first of all, to study the aesthetics of different times, because such things are just its best carriers … And they warm me very much. I feel great inside them. I miss them terribly when I’m away, to be honest.

– And when you leave home, what will you put in your ideal travel suitcase?

– It all depends on whether you’re going back and how far you’re going. For example, for the tour I had a suitcase packed for two days, for four days or for six days. If this is a trip associated with some kind of special activity – the jungle, diving into the ocean – then you take equipment that must be carefully checked and not taken anything extra. And if you’re going somewhere for who knows how long, it’s probably better not to take anything other than a toothbrush and a change of underwear. Because you never know…

– Do you have a secret idea how to equip Israel – like any self-respecting repatriate?

– Not. I am not Solzhenitsyn, and I had great doubts about the theses on how we should equip Russia, something he didn’t equip her with very well. You don’t have to take on more than you can. I’m not going to fix the world at all. I would like to understand and study it. Especially Israel, which is still a new country for me. I better mind my own business.

– A lot of people today quarrel to the death because of what is happening. Others, on the contrary, believe that the world is not worth human relations. And you?

– With an old childhood friend, we simply did not touch on certain topics, and in the mass of other issues we have a complete coincidence, he is also an artist. But when the war started and he supported it, I erased him from everywhere. There is some line beyond which it is no longer possible. Now it just doesn’t exist for me.

– Are you a happy person?

– If not for this story with Ukraine, I would be absolutely happy. This greatly darkens the existence.



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