“My players have been beaten by the heart”

Javier Clemente made a positive reading of the performance of his players in the match against Costa Rica. The coach highlighted the start of the match by the Euskal Selekzioa, because «we have had a great first big game. Later, the changes of the second part have upset us until we have recovered the thread and we have created chances at the end », he summarized.

The Tricolor coach highlighted the potential of the team that was ahead in Ipurua, because “they are very prepared, a lot has been demanded of us and the kids have responded to that demand,” said Clemnente. “Costa Rica is a great team, they have high quality players, very powerful and dangerous because they have a lot of scope. They are very prepared and I really liked it ».

For the Barakaldo coach, “the match was very tough. As a friendly I only had that here they do not give points. We agreed that we were playing as if it were an official championship, giving our best. I have to emphasize that our players have beaten each other for the heart, while Costa Rica has done it for the possibility of going to the World Cup ».

Clemente also referred to that victory in the last second, when in the second half it seemed that Costa Rica was better at those final moments of the match. “Looking from the outside, it gives the feeling that we were pissed off not winning the game and we shot up. In addition, the more defenses we have had more strength we have taken in front. We have been in six changes and the circumstances of the game have not allowed me to put Agirregabiria, I feel sorry for him.

The Basque coach, who settled the controversy over the call by recalling that “I summon those I can and then I bring the team that I consider the best”, stressed that “it is a beautiful victory for us thinking that in the future we can play more games and have more classification commitments’. And in this regard, he acknowledged that “I have nothing in perspective. For me I would play every month, but it is not easy to hire a rival and to find some free dates where the clubs can give us the players ».


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