“My mother’s death devastated me. Mentana? Let’s watch “Beasts” together »-

of Micol Sarfatti

Francesca Fagnani is preparing the third season of Belve, on Rai2, viral also on TikTok. “I dream of having guests Francesca Pascale and the Clown Terrorist Francesca Mambro”

Francesca Fagnani, which animal do you feel?

“A Jack Russel, because he is a nice animal, who knows how to be noticed. Agitating, restless, brutal, but fun ».

Not exactly an animal…

“But I feel more dogs and I know this breed well. My father has one, it was my mother’s, he stayed with him when she died.”

“THE DEATH OF MY MOTHER BROUGHT ME. I regret not having fully experienced that kind of love. WE ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN MATERIAL MATTERS”

Laughs Francesca Fagnani (45) from Rome, journalist and presenter, as she answers the question she usually asks in interviews with Animals, a successful program, also social, born on the Nove and now in its third season on Rai2. In the autumn it resumes with a triple weekly date in the late evening. Fagnani asks with an angelic smile – and a diabolical air – protagonists of entertainment, culture and politics. From Pamela Prati to Virginia Raggi, by Monica Guerritore and Ilary Blasi, with some blue stocks like Morgan or Matteo Renzi.

Why is your program so popular?

“Maybe because I ask the questions that everyone wants to ask. No salamelecchi, clear rules of engagement”

Who are the animals?

“For me it’s a broad definition. At 80% it has a positive connotation. They are women, and even some men, who could take their space without waiting for the kind concessions of others. They got what they wanted wanted, they are protagonists and never sociable, they are successful, or wrong, thanks to them. Then there are also those who have made truly savage life choices ».

Like the brigadier Adriana Faranda, Anna Carrino, companion of the super boss of the Casalesi Francesco Bidognetti, or Cristina Pinto, an unrepentant former Camorra supporter. All his guests, not without controversy. Is it right to give space to those who have committed evil?

“Yes, if you always ask a second question. I have been involved in organized crime for a long time. You cannot know the dark side of life from TV serials. It is important to tell it with the voice of those who live it, but with the right method ».

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What does it mean?

“I worked on myself to approach these people without prejudice, because the judgment about the facts of which they are protagonists is already there and is inevitable. They are very important witnesses of a part of society that exists and we cannot ignore, even if it is difficult to face and explain. The viewers are intelligent, they don’t need someone to present it with a moralistic attitude. Just ask all the questions ».

He had hinted at his mother’s death earlier. Has this happened recently?

“Almost seven years ago, but it’s a pain that won’t go away. It was the great watershed of my life. When you lose your mother you stop being a boy, you enter another dimension, where you know you are more alone. No one will care for you like a mother can. We are nothing but maternal matter.”

Were you very close?

“We didn’t have a morbid relationship, but when it ended I felt a devastating emptiness. Unfortunately, I realized that I didn’t take advantage of all the opportunities to fully experience that kind of love. Many times I preferred a confrontational attitude to a more welcoming one. I regretted it ».

Did having a twin sister help you?

“We are heterozygous twins. We are different, physically and in the ways of life. We have a relationship more like sisters than twins. It’s okay, the idea of ​​being identical to someone has always bothered me a little”

Which child was that?

“They called me “angel face”, but the reference was to the head of the Mala del Brenta Felice Maniero. I was very smart, lively. Behind the sweet face and blue eyes hid a criminal (laughs). The animal- DNA was already there ».


Have you dreamed of being a journalist?

“It’s a profession that has always fascinated me, but I came across it by chance. I graduated in Literature, then I was admitted to a doctorate in Dante Philology which took me to NYU University in New York. It was 2001. On September 11th I saw the Twin Towers collapse before my eyes, I couldn’t go home to Brooklyn for a whole day. I realized I was inside history and I went to the RAI correspondence office, then it was on 56th street, to ask if I could be of use. They told me there were some video tapes to fix and I rearranged them all.”

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And then?

“Many journalists started arriving, including a young Giovanni Floris, to tell what happened. They took me with them to do the services, I observed them, I learned. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I returned to Italy, I realized that I wanted to become a journalist, I went through dozens of internships and finally I ended up in the editorial offices of Giovanni Minoli and Michele Santoro. They were two great teachers to whom I owe a lot. Working with them was a privilege, even if it wasn’t always a walk in the park ».

Did she take some care?

“Avoja! Working on the news programs of the flagship networks in the early 2000s was a responsibility: we made shares out of national team matches. Santoro’s opposition to Berlusconi had something titanic, every episode was an event. Yet Michele also got time for me, the latest arrival. One day I was recording the voice over of a service, he sat next to me and started correcting the punctuation marks of the text I was reading with a pencil to help me to have a more natural cadence ».

Today you also have a teacher at home. For ten years his partner has been the director of the news of La 7 Enrico Mentana.

“Yes, but we didn’t meet at work.”

Is there competition?

“There can be no competition with who always wins. I am of course talking about him, but there is sharing. Let’s watch Beasts together. We are each other’s first fans ».

He directed an episode of Le Iene and made a monologue in which he pointed the finger at the chauvinism prevailing in journalism. We believe we belong to a progressive environment, but, even for us, is there still much to do?

“We are convinced that we can teach equality to others, we accuse politicians of not doing anything to reduce the pay gap, but publishing is no better. Journalists earn less than their male colleagues, the editorial directors are in the minority. In the talk shows, the woman is invited as a woman, as if she were a panda. Men, on the other hand, are there because they bring specific content. Not even we are hard and pure ».

Always a Hyenas he accused a colleague, whom he did not name, of not liking her presence on a show because “he only wanted men around him”.

“I don’t even mention the name now and I don’t think there is a priori sisterhood. If you are nice and support each other, so be it. The complicity is beautiful, but it is not by command. Competition is also good from time to time ».

On TikTok, the hashtag “Belve” has 55 million views. Are you enjoying this collateral social success?

“Very much. In Rai I work with an exceptional team of professionals, but I am surprised to see how many unconscious writers there are on these platforms, they are a mine of creativity ». What is the dream animal? “I want would like to invite Francesca Pascale. I interviewed her years ago for the press. She is a strong and very kind woman. I am also hoping for a “yes” from the Clown Terrorist Francesca Mambro. I have told you, I’m not afraid to tell the evil.”

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