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“To have a good friend / This is the best thing in the world / Yes, because, a good friend / It’s more faithful than a blon-on-de …”, sang Henri Garat (1902-1959) in 1930 in The Way to Paradise, Franco-German film by Wilhem Thiele and Max Vaucorbeil. Naive ode to the glory of male friendship, the song was then used in the credits of Armand Panigel’s show, At the movies tonight, then by Alain Resnais in We know the song.

It’s possible that Michael Angelo Covino, who signs this hilarious, wacky and (somewhat) bitter comedy, may have heard it, seeing as he is fanatic of French cinema and of France in general. She could have illustrated her film very aptly: a friend, a post, a friend is for life, even if it turns into a ball that you drag with you for better and sometimes worse. We can’t break up with a friend, move forward without dwelling The climb. We must make do.

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Either two longtime friends, Mike (Michael Covino) and Kyle (Kyle Marvin). They cycle together around the Col de Vence (Alpes-Maritimes). They are not alike: Mike, a little dry, tends to be depressed, Kyle, more sullen in his shorts, aspires to marital bliss. Concave and convex, yin and yang, Laurel and Hardy, Montaigne and La Boétie… However, a common background of immaturity brings them together. Without fear of making a mistake, we can say that they have forgiven themselves a lot and will still do so. You have to guess a lot of things in this fresh and light film, as the script only suggests the presuppositions of the situations it develops.

Tied to each other

So Mike and Kyle are cycling in the Nice hinterland. The hamstring betrays their quarantine … It is the moment that the first chooses to tell the second that he slept with his future wife (Judith Godrèche). Advantage of skinny on the rounds: at the cost of a slight acceleration, Mike easily drops Kyle who tries to stay in his wheel to break his face. Fate will take care of it eventually.

The Climb do not tell. It will be about marriage, mourning, separation, and cycling, vacation in the mountains, artistic skiing, funeral, family celebration and angling on a frozen lake. Life what. Unlike love, which requires a little variety, friendship is satisfied with little. Why such a mystery? Why do Mike and Kyle, become adults admittedly imperfect, income from everything, remain unfailingly attached to each other? Covino does not answer, he shows. Marcel Proust, who compared friendship to “A confused tenderness at feeling supported on external props, hospitalized in a foreign individuality”, would not have liked.

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