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Although on occasion Ines Sainz He showed interest by buy the Querétaro club franchisethe priorities of the famous television host have changed, so now she made it clear she is no longer interested upon obtaining the white roosters.

“No, I really disliked the world of football when I realized the quality … You realize it there are many interests beyond the true passion for sports and to do things well, I prefer to stay on this side, enjoy it, enjoy it, and do not enter these grids”, the presenter mentioned in an interview with the media RTQ.

It should be remembered that after violent events which is registered in the The Corregidora Stadium at the tournament Closing 2022, Queretaro must have changed hands and become part of Hot group.

Deplores the situation in Querétaro

In the same talk Ines Sainz He also gave his opinion on the bad moment the team is going through of the city where he grew up, which in the general table background with hardly three points after eight games played.

sure (it hurts) for we have always suffered at all costs, answered well, there it is ready and attentive for support equipoheven when they were not well positioned in the table, the stadium was always at least 70% full”, he said.


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