Mute and Chat: New features for WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp has received some new features for group calls and video calls, profile picture and switching from Android to iOS.

In the past few days, Meta has added or announced several new features to its Messenger WhatsApp. It is therefore possible that not all innovations are available on your smartphone.

Chat and mute in groups

In the WhatsApp groups, you can not only write to up to 512 contacts, but also make video calls and audio calls. Only with 8 and 32 people, but even then it’s annoying when someone forgets to switch to mute. You can now do that – remotely – as you may already know from Teams or Zoom – WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart has announced on Twitter.

The new functions in the group calls. Photo:

In addition, it becomes easier to chat with a single person during the group call – if there is something that not everyone in the group is interested in or should be aware of. In addition, WhatsApp now displays a notification if someone joins the call later.

Profile picture no longer visible to everyone

Previously, anyone with your phone number could see your profile picture in their address book. You can change that now – as WhatsApp announced on Twitter – and choose who can see your profile picture in the settings. So you no longer have to worry about scaring away professional contacts with a picture that is too private – however, different profile pictures are not yet an option.

Switch from Android to iOS

The function is so important that Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg announced it himself on Facebook: Chats, photos and videos can now also be taken with you when you switch from Android to iOS – it has been working in the other direction since October 2021. The data transfer is now integrated into Apple’s “Move to iOS” app.

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