Mustafa Fahmy divorced you because of your secret relationship with your private doctor?? Yasmine Ezz embarrassed Faten Musa, the latter’s response shocked everyone!

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Earlier, the Lebanese media, Faten Moussa, was a guest on the People’s Talk program, which was presented by the media, Yasmine Ezz, on MBC Egypt, and talked about the scenes of her divorce from the star Mustafa Fahmy.

The media, Faten Moussa, refuted all what she described as the allegations of her ex-husband, the star Mustafa Fahmy, for divorcing her in absentia, stressing that the real reasons for the divorce lie in several points, including his keen interest in money and his refusal to give her the opportunity to have children. Documentation of the apartment contract in her name.

In response to the question of the media, Yasmine Ezz, on the “Kalam Al-Nas” program broadcast on Mbc Egypt about whether Mustafa Fahmy was angry with her dentist, and his refusal to travel with her to Lebanon because of this problem, Faten Moussa refused to reveal the details of the dispute and said that there is a third party in the matter. And it shouldn’t be talked about.

Faten Musa continued: This story does not deserve to be exposed, as it is simple and trivial, and falls under the scope of jealousy, and we do not describe it as suffocation, but rather jealousy.

Faten Moussa expressed her anger at Mustafa Fahmy’s talk that the reasons for divorce are not spoken or spoken, and said that this is a hint to question her behavior.

As for the story of Mustafa Fahmy’s jealousy from the dentist, Faten Moussa said: These are normal things… and Mustafa was accusing me of being jealous of him! And I do not deny that, and God bears witness that it was a natural jealousy. I was in the pictures of his admirers all the time, while his jealousy over her was possessive. He used to tell me that you are all mine.. and he said, “You don’t go to work, you don’t work, you don’t laugh.”

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She continued, saying: He had daily problems with her grocer for a year and a half because he did not implement his promises to the ones we agreed upon, from the first time we got engaged until we got married, Mustafa Fahmy says that I am greedy and materialistic, the first promise is motherhood and childbearing, and behind his promise as he left many promises.



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