Muslim wanted to kill his daughter for becoming a Christian

Muslim wanted to kill his daughter for becoming a Christian

CHRISTIANNEWS.COM.- in nigeriaan 18-year-old convert to Christianity, has obtained a court order protecting her from death threats from her own family.

Mary Olowe suffered religious persecution from her father and brothers due to her conversion from Islam to Christianity.

Mary’s mother took steps to ensure her safety by taking her to a Christian community after her family’s threats became credible and concerning.

Together with her mother, Mary applied for a restraining order to protect herself from her relatives. The Northern Nigerian High Court issued a life restraint order against her father and her siblings, prohibiting them from threatening her life or violating her fundamental rights related to her religious choice.

This legal decision is seen as a crucial step towards protecting the rights of religious converts in Nigeria, where religious tensions and threats to those who change their faith are a worrying reality.

ADF International provided support to the Christian

The organization ADF International played a key role in providing legal support in Mary’s case, stressing the importance of guaranteeing religious freedom for all people.

The organization’s legal counsel, Sean Nelson, expressed his relief at the protection granted to Mary and his satisfaction with the court’s decision to recognize Mary’s fundamental right to change her religion without facing threats to her life.

This case could set a precedent by highlighting the need to protect conversion rights in a context where Christian converts in Nigeria often face hostility and danger.

The situation of Christian converts in Nigeria is particularly worrying due to widespread persecution. In 2022, more than 5,500 Christians around the world were killed because of their faith, and 90% of these victims were Nigerian.

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