Muslim and Jewish cult leaders on slaughter: ‘The vote will create a social divide, whatever the outcome’

Two days before the plenary vote in the Brussels parliament on ritual slaughter, Muslim and Jewish religious leaders are suggesting the establishment of a dialogue commission. And underline that the political world cannot define the religious law, in the name of the separation between the Church and the State.

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Ct is a first, the President of the Muslim Executive, Mehmet Üstün, and the President of the Israelite Central Consistory, Philippe Markiewicz, speak with one voice in an interview, and this is to give their common position on the ritual slaughter, i.e. without prior stunning, already prohibited in Wallonia and Flanders. In Brussels, the Minister of Animal Welfare, Bernard Clerfayt (Défi), tabled a draft ordinance along the same lines last October, after the Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union validated the decrees (the two cults have since appealed to the European Court of Human Rights). The point blocked by the PS and Ecolo, who recalled in passing that the subject does not appear in the government agreement, was then sent back to parliament. At the start of the year, Défi, Groen and the Open VLD then tabled a proposal for an ordinance which aims to impose slaughter with prior stunning, even for religious rites.

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