Musk had twins with an executive from his startup Neuralink

According to an article from the specialized site published on Wednesday, Elon Musk and Shivon Zilis made a request in April to a court in Texas to change the names of the two babies. They wanted to give them the father’s surname and, as a middle name, the mother’s surname. A judge approved their request, according to legal documents seen by Business Insider.

Shivon Zilis, a 36-year-old Canadian, is the director of operations and special projects at Neuralink, a billionaire startup specializing in neural implants.

The twins were born weeks before Elon Musk’s second child with Canadian musician Grimes in December. They christened her Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, and commonly call her “Y”. Their boy born in 2020 responds to “X”, shortened to “X Æ A-12”. The couple is “very smooth,” Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, said in an interview with Vanity Fair in March.

The richest man in the world already had six children with Justine Musk (née Wilson) in the 2000s, one of whom died a few weeks after birth.

One of them, a transgender girl, recently filed a formal request to change her surname along with her gender in order to sever all ties with her father, according to legal documents seen by AFP. She no longer wants to “be associated with him in any form whatsoever”, writes the young woman.

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