Music is as good for mental health as sport, a study reveals

It is said that sport is good not only for the body but also for the mind, but nobody talks about music in these terms and this is a mistake because music is also good for mental health.

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Who said that only sport is good for salute mental? It is certainly one of the best known remedies but it is not the only one. Has it ever happened to you to hum in emotion and happiness? Maybe while you were listening to one of your favorite songs?

If the answer is yes, already from this you will be able to understand how much the music good for your mind. That said, one too studio testified to this fact. Let us find out more.

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Why music is important for mental health

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We all need to feel good and to guarantee the well-being they need for our body and mind. Especially in this period full of great uncertainties and worries, preserve the Welfare mental is crucial. But how to do it? We talked about it in the article Preserving mental well-being to face everyday news, where we tried to identify the best ways to face everyday life with serenity, despite the devastating news concerning the world in which we live.

But there is also another very effective remedy that not everyone talks about: music. Considered more as a passion, a pastime or an accompaniment, music is actually capable of much more. This was revealed by a study published in JAMA Network Open, which analyzed previous investigations involving a total of 779 people involved. For example, the study showed how gospel music can somehow prevent disease cardiac or that singing in a choir can psychologically uplift those who have defeated cancer.

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After identifying some of the benefits that music can give, the results of these studies were compared with some research that analyzed non-pharmaceutical interventions capable of being good for the mind, such as physical exercise, which however do not contemplate the music. From this comparison it turns out that the importance of music on mental health is exactly on par with physical activity.

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There are those who feel the positive effects of music more than others, but in general it can be said that music is a fundamental tool for mental well-being.



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