Music – Here’s how to shazam with Chrome browser


The Shazam music identification service is now also available as an extension for the Google web browser.

Shazam has been owned by Apple since 2018.


Available in the form of mobile apps or via Apple’s Siri virtual assistant, Shazam had already landed in 2020 in a version for a web browser. Apple, which has owned it since a buyout finalized in 2018 for $ 400 million, has now released a new version of its automatic song identification tool. It comes in the form of an extension for the Chrome web browser.

Available for free in the Chrome Web Store, this new tool, once installed, identifies all the songs played from the web browser, whether on YouTube, Netflix or any site where music is playing. . Just click on the extensions icon next to the address bar and tap on the Shazam logo in the window that just opened.

The extension recognizes music played in the browser.

The extension recognizes music played in the browser.


Once the song has been “shazamed”, the service indicates the name of the artist and the title of the song and offers to listen to it in full on the Apple Music platform, as long as the user is subscribed to it. A history allows you to consult the titles previously identified by the service on Chrome. On the other hand, the complete list of all the titles recognized via Shazam is not present, the extension not offering synchronization with a Shazam account.



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