Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig shows the exhibition “Andreas Gursky”

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Works by the internationally renowned artist can be seen until August 22, 2021

Leipzig (pts032 / 08.06.2021 / 16:40) – With the exhibition “Andreas Gursky”, the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig is presenting for the first time an institutional solo exhibition by the internationally renowned photo artist in his hometown. Based on the selection of around 60 photographs specially selected by Gursky, his artistic work can be retraced in retrospect. In addition to well-known major works such as “Ruhrtal” (1989), “Paris, Montparnasse” (1993) or “99 Cent” (1999), new works from 2020 that have not yet been exhibited in a museum context can be seen. The around 60 exhibits, including around 50 extremely large formats, are shown on the third floor of the museum on around 1,500 square meters in 15 rooms. The exhibition can be viewed until August 22, 2021.

Andreas Gursky, born in Leipzig in 1955, has played a key role in developing new forms of expression in artistic photography since the 1980s. As the son of advertising photographer Willy Gursky (1921-2016) and grandson of photographer Hans Gursky (1890-1969), Andreas Gursky grew up in Düsseldorf from 1956, where he studied photography at the Art Academy in 1987 as a master student with Bernd Becher (1931-2007 ) completed. Through the use of color, the extremely large formats, the development of new aesthetic possibilities of digital photography and the constant critical reflection on the conditions of the production and reception of photographic images, Gursky has left a lasting mark on the discourse of contemporary photography to this day.

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Gursky’s now more than 200 works visualize a multifaceted and associative view of a globalized world that is always linked to social issues. In his photographs he addresses complex topics such as work, leisure, consumer behavior, major events and financial systems. Due to his factual, precise and always subjective view, his compositions, which are characterized by abstract pictorial forms, are characterized by a technical and pictorial uniqueness. The focus is always on the documentary character of the images.

The limited artist’s book “-2020. Andreas Gursky” was published on the occasion of the exhibition. In addition to iconic works and previously unpublished photographs, private snapshots are also shown, most of which were captured with a smartphone and reveal a lot about Gursky’s approach. In addition, works by his father and grandfather tell of the family’s long tradition of photography and establish links with Leipzig. The 188-page book can be ordered for 70 euros in the museum shop or in bookshops.

The stable fall below the threshold value of 35 for the 7-day incidence of new infections allows further easing steps in Leipzig from June 9, 2021. When visiting museums, there is no longer any obligation to test. If you want to travel to Leipzig, you can book various travel offers including accommodation at Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH:

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