Muscovites discussed a photo of the capital 122 years ago

A photo of the capital of 1900 posted on the Telegram channel “Old Moscow” was discussed by netizens. A 122-year-old photo shows Vorontsovsky Avenue in present-day Tagansky district.

The framework included a street with two-story wooden and stone houses, the dome of a church and cabins on horseback with wagons loaded with barrels. “Water carriers!”, “Shot, probably somewhere near the factory [предпринимателя Самуила] Chepelevetsky,” suggested in the comments. Someone added that in the background you can see the Tagansky police house with a watchtower.

The old photo evoked warm feelings from the followers. “I got this tower as a child. Born and spent the first 20 years of his life on Vorontsovskaya Street”, “Times when you could live in any Russian town and life was pretty much the same everywhere”, “How I love this old cozy Moscow!” users wrote.

The network was earlier surprised by the photos of Muscovites 112 years ago. The photo shows ordinary people, presumably peasants, against the background of the Kremlin.

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