The couple told police that their son disappeared from his room in the middle of the night of July 14. On Thursday the body was found with signs of having been burned and his parents arrested a day later.

The body of Thaddeus Sran, two years old, was found burned Friday, west of Fresnos, in California, United States. The boy was reported missing on July 15 by his parents Sukhjinder Sran, 42, and Briseida Sran, 29.

After finding the boy’s remains near his home, police said the parents were captured as allegedly responsible for his murder. Thaddeus was born after a premature birth and had difficulty walking and speaking, authorities said.

It is still unclear how the crime occurred, an autopsy was carried out on the body on Friday to reconfirm that it is the boy and determine the cause of death, although the results are not yet available.

Thaddeus Sran would have disappeared from his bed in the middle of the night more than a week agoto. His parents told the police that they left him in his room at bedtime on July 14 and the next day they no longer found him.

“The worst nightmare of any parent,” said Dino Lawson, chief of police, during a press conference on Friday in which he gave details of this case, but did not refer to the possible causes of the child’s death.

Lawson added that the boy had “extreme health problems,” that he fed on a tube and was learning to walk.

The police report also indicates that the body was found with the help of police dogs and that it had been burned before being abandoned.

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Family lawyer Roger Nuttall was surprised by the capture of the couple, however said he represented mother Thaddeus Sran after being investigated for the death of a young daughter in 2015. Nuttall provided few details of those allegations and described the case like “a tragic death of a child who had very serious medical problems,” added news outlet