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It turned out that the young man, who could not be heard from in Istanbul Tuzla for a long time, was killed by his former father-in-law.

Erdoğan Kahraman, who applied to the police on April 27, 2022 in Tuzla, reported that his son had left his home on April 26, saying that they had never heard from him again. Erdogan Kahraman said he was worried about his son’s life.


An investigation was opened by the Public Security Branch Directorate regarding the incident. As a result of the examination, it was determined that Uğur Kahraman (30), who left his house on April 26, 2022, got into his father-in-law’s car.

In the security camera footage, it was seen that Uğur Kahraman drove away with his ex-father-in-law.

It has been learned that Ezgi A.(21), the wife of the missing Uğur Kahraman, who was divorced about 2 years ago, committed suicide by hanging himself at his home in Adıyaman, where his wife had remarried. It was determined that Ezgi A.’s two children were staying at Erdoğan Kahraman’s house.

EX-Mother-in-law DETENTION

The teams affiliated to the Missing Persons Bureau Headquarters detained former father-in-law Hüseyin S. (46) after the work.


Hüseyin S., who was questioned at the Public Security Branch Directorate, initially denied everything, but later confessed to the murder he had committed. It was learned that the suspect Hüseyin S., who testified at the police, continued his relationship with his son-in-law in order to see his grandchildren after he broke up with his daughter.

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“I endured their torture to see my grandchildren”

Saying that his son-in-law often threatened not to show his grandchildren, Hüseyin S. said, “He was threatening me not to show my grandchildren, and he was doing his errands. I endured all kinds of torment to see my grandchildren left from my daughter.”

Huseyin S. explained that his ex-groom called him on the day of the incident and asked him to pick him up by car.


Saying that he bought the gun that his ex-groom had given him to sell as the argument escalated, Hüseyin S. said, “I killed him with one shot. Later, I put the body in a barrel and closed the lid. I hid it in the outbuilding in the garden of the apartment I live in.”


It has been learned that Hüseyin S., who said that he cleaned the house after the murder so that his wife would not notice, that he disassembled the gun he used in the incident and threw it into various places, told that 5 days later he had the barrel containing the corpse transported by giving money to the scrap dealers passing by and took it to his own parents’ house in Pendik.

It was stated that the suspect, who hid the barrel in the unused elevator shaft of the building without ever opening it, said that he returned to his normal life.


When the police went to the address in Pendik after the suspect’s statement, they found the barrel in the apartment space and the body inside. After the body was examined, he was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute.

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The suspect Hüseyin S., whose procedures were completed in the Wanted Persons Bureau, was transferred to the courthouse. Hüseyin S. shouted at the exit, “He was the person who killed my daughter and drove her to drugs and prostitution. I committed the murder for the honor of my daughter and the honor of my grandchildren.”

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