Munich: Racist attack on Odeonsplatz – Munich

As has only now become known, there was a racist attack on a 21-year-old student on Saturday three weeks ago at the Odeonsplatz underground station. On September 19, shortly before midnight, the young man was waiting on one of the seats on the platform for his subway when he was approached by two strangers. The men asked him to vacate his seat; one insulted the student from Tunisia as “fucking Arab” and pushed him away. The second hit him in the face with his fist. When the U 5 in the direction of Neuperlach Zentrum entered, the two perpetrators got on and drove away.

The student could only adequately describe one of the two attackers to the police; He is said to have been between 20 and 30 years old, had short, black hair that was shaved on the back and sides, and a three-day beard. He wore a baggy jacket with a zipper and a large, red and black check pattern, black jeans and beige sports shoes. The police are looking for witnesses. The commissioner responsible for politically motivated crimes took over the investigation some time later. As an explanation, the police said that the racist background was only recognized late.

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