The artist, Mohamed Suleiman, recently caught the attention, after he topped the search engines and trends for several weeks with the trend “De Hani”, which was circulated by many pioneers of social networking sites, about a scene of him in this evening’s series with the artist Arwa Gouda..

What the public did not know at the time about Suleiman, that he had a young daughter who drew attention recently, after she appeared in the limelight, as her father had been hiding her for the past years from the lights and fame, and her name is Sofia..

Sophia is the daughter of Muhammad Suleiman, the young veiled woman who celebrated her marriage contract in July 2021, and her father celebrated this occasion with his followers, through his accounts on social media..

Mohamed Soliman was born in Cairo in 1977. Mohamed Soliman studied at the Conservatoire until high school, and had limited acting experiences in his childhood..

After that, Muhammad Suleiman joined the Faculty of Commerce, then worked as a tour guide and in the field of advertisements. Suleiman’s first appearance was as a model in an advertisement, then he participated for the first time in the cinema as an actor through the movie 7 Papers Cards, and appeared in a silent role during the movie Opening Your Eyes with The artist, Mustafa Shaaban, drew attention.

Mohamed Suleiman achieved good fame in acting, and works continued in some films and series such as Omar and Salma with the star Tamer Hosni and the series Heba Arjal Al-Ghurab and this evening.

Suleiman revealed that he was surprised by the success of Hani’s scene, and his return to the top of the trend, especially since the series was shown years ago, and commented on the friendship of men and women: “We are an oriental society that does not accept the existence of friendship between men and women, but it is possible that there are relations of fellowship between women and men, such as Fellowship at work, and there are some families that allow friendships between women and men because they have been brought up together since childhood, as the series presented.

He continued, in press statements, that his wife is Portuguese, not Egyptian, adding: “I am a religious man, and my culture is divided between the eastern Egyptian man, and between the culture of the perceptive man, and about my wife, she does not have male friends.”

And about the trend, “De Hani”, he said: “A person judges others by his nature, and we cannot judge a need from a scene, and we say forbidden and wrong, it is in the first and in the end this is only drama.”

And Sophia, his son, Muhammad Suleiman, is a plastic artist, and has been working in the field of drawing and plastic art for years, and she appeared to the public at her wedding, wearing the hijab..

Her mother is of Portuguese origin, she is half Egyptian and half Portuguese.

Sophia celebrated her engagement almost a year before the marriage contract, specifically in January 2021, from one of her university colleagues named Moamen, who works as a photographer like her..

Her father shared photos of her marriage contract through his Facebook account and commented on her, saying: “The moment I was waiting for, but when it happened, I became grateful to her.”

She shares her followers through her accounts on social media, sometimes with videos that highlight her multiple talents, including the drawing she studied and also singing..

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