MSU preference results 2022 inquiry screen: PERTEM National Defense Uni. MSU preference results have been announced LAST MINUTE! staff recruitment Where can one learn about MSU preferences?


War Colleges and NCO Vocational Schools will be evaluated separately for placement. Vocational High School preferences of candidates who are entitled to settle in the Military Academy and attend the adaptation training will not be taken into account.

Candidates will be placed during the “Placement Procedures”, taking into account their preference priorities and Candidate Evaluation Points (ADP) order. In the “Additional Placement” process, in order to carry out the adaptation training at the specified time and effectively, and to enable the Military Academy and Junior High Schools to start education and training at the specified time, the candidates who come in their turn will be placed in the relevant schools, if the missing quotas in the schools are among their preferences, regardless of the preference priority. Candidates with Military Academy and Asb. Vocational School preferences will not be able to pass even if it is their turn to choose Military Academy.

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