MSI and Kingston achieve DDR5-10004

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When it comes to clock speeds for DDR5 memory, we’re still at the beginning. Although kits of the new RAM standard already achieve significantly higher frequencies than with DDR4, the potential is far from exhausted. In cooperation with Kingston Fury, MSI is now showing where the journey can go at some point – and in doing so, it quickly breaks a world record.

In our test of the Intel Core i9-12900K, and thus the first DDR5 platform in our editorial office, a 32 GB kit with 5,200 MT/s was used. Specifically, these were the Kingston FURY Beast bars, which work with a CAS latency of 40 cycles. However, overclocker Kovan Yang, member of the MSI OC team, now has one of these bars on sat 10,004 MT / s (aka DDR5-10004) with Latencies of 72-126-126-126-127 brought.

But this required some adjustments to make this clock frequency possible at all. Very basic came first of all MSI Unify-X Mainboard is used, which is already factory-designed for DDR5-6800+ due to a special course of the conductor tracks. This was joined by an Intel Core i9-12900KS, the new Special Edition CPU with up to 5.5 GHz in Turbo.

Special conditions with nitrogen cooling

However, there was one for overclocking the RAM LN2 cooling solution (nitrogen) at -196 °C necessary under normal pressure. In addition, only two CPU cores were used in one Clock of 425.68MHz used. MSI announced the world record on Twitter, but it was confirmed via the CPU-Z Validator. In its entry you can read more details about the setup, if you want to.

There should be further increases in DDR5 memory in the future. The leeway with the JESD79-5 standard from JEDEC with up to DDR5-8400 is already quite large. The first manufacturers, including ADATA, for example, are already planning up to 12,600 MT/s at 1.6 volts. However, you should not expect such clock frequencies, at least in retail, before 2023.


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