All measures currently in force should continue to be followed with the same soul and the same vigor as always “, said Filipe Eyebrows, in a communication to the nation on the last day of the state of emergency, in force since 01 April and that it has been extended for three consecutive times – the maximum provided for in the Constitution.

The Mozambican head of state said that he will send a report to parliament on Thursday and then decisions and strategies will be taken, which should be made public in a new communication to the nation.

“In the meantime, we call on everyone to value everything we have achieved in these 120 days. Everything we have achieved is priceless: lives were saved,” he said.

Filipe Eyebrows he also asked Mozambicans to invent a “new way of living in society”, adding that the country cannot “waver” in preventive measures.

“The measures adopted and the collaboration of all helped to mitigate the speed of spread of the disease. In this way, we managed to reduce any pressure on the health system “, noted Filipe Eyebrows, alerting to the number of cases in neighboring countries, with emphasis on the Africa South, which has half of the cases recorded on the continent (over 459 thousand).

“The longed-for resumption of activities will be conducted in a phased and with criteria directed to each sector“he declared.

Restrictions include limitations on gatherings, banning events and entertainment space and mandatory use of masks.

In the last extension of the state of emergency, on 28 June, Filipe Eyebrows announced the gradual easing of some restrictions, with emphasis on the authorization of international flights with countries selected (not mentioned), the increase of one third to an amount not exceeding half of the effective face-to-face work of service teams every 15 days in public and private institutions and the reopening of Museums and galleries, with limited capacity and preventive measures.

In this ocasion, Eyebrows also announced the reopening phased classes, still undated, dependent on the creation of hygiene conditions to prevent covid-19.

Since the announcement of the first case on 22 March, Mozambique recorded a total of 1,748 cases of covid-19, 11 dead and 616 recovered.

The country conducted 55,211 tests of suspected cases, having screened more than 1.5 million people.

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