mowing continues at Salt, Sunrise UPC and Swisscom

Who says roaming, says essential precautions before consuming…

Perhaps we will arrive this summer almost from normally going on vacation between two waves of Covid. While Sunrise UPC communicates on a roaming data package at 39.90 francs for 5 GB of data, a little comparison is in order… Thanks to eSims, you can get much cheaper!

Indeed, a Ubigi, for example, offers different formulas, such as these 10 GB (double the data) for 29 euros. Small flat, the validity of this package is only 30 days, against a year generally now with Swiss operators. The number of available countries is also not the same.

Sunrise UPC: les alternatives

Still with the virtual operator Ubigi, it is also possible to buy a 24 GB data package valid for one year for 58 euros. Small subtlety, consumption is limited to 2 GB per month, which is already not bad. That said, at the time of streaming, this volume could be quickly consumed! It should be noted that the eSIM is free, where our operators ask between 40 and 60 francs…

What about Sunrise UPC’s competitors? A Swisscom, for example, offers 3 GB of data valid for one year for 39.90 francs. A package of the same volume is sold at 34.95 francs at Salt for 365 days. Swiss operators are therefore very close to each other. Once again, the competition is not working very well…

Unlimited surfing in roaming at 5 francs per month…

For the biggest users, 12 GB over a year are at 99.95 francs at Salt while Swisscom offers 10 GB for 89.90 francs over a year, while Sunrise UPC is positioned with unlimited access in 44 countries for 49 90 francs, but only for 30 days. Prices that make you think!

Indeed, several operators offer unlimited promotion in Switzerland around 20 francs per month. When we see that Yallo offers the same thing plus unlimited surfing while roaming in Europe for 25 francs per month and for life, we can only wonder… or conclude that in the worst case, unlimited surfing while roaming only worth 5 francs a month or 60 francs a year…

CQFD. In short, mowing continues in turbo mode!

Xavier Studer

Yallo Black: not to be missed?
Yallo Black: not to be missed?



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