Mourinho, birds and birds

Mourinho, birds and birds

Arieccoli: one point out of 9, an unwatchable first half against Milan and Mourinho was once again ravenous, the ones that… analyzes only at Synlab. But in the end that’s right, it’s more than natural: everyone has their moment of glory and attention and it’s normal that a coach like the Portuguese, who has always been inclined to divide, fuels even ferocious attacks, prejudices and resentments. The analysis, I said. Simple simple, accessible even to birds. Roma carried out the preparation with Ibañez and Matic. Like the first year when Mourinho worked in the Algarve with Dzeko, then ended up at Inter. The Brazilian was later sold to Arabia to raise funds to make the transfer market and at the beginning of August Matic suddenly left Rome for Rennes. Rennes, understood? Paredes and Renato Sanches arrived on August 16 with empty legs and lungs: zero preparation with the PSG who considered them redundancies. Remembering the number of games missed by both due to injury, or technical choice, in recent years is an exercise not practiced by those who Mourinho is constantly waiting for him at the gate of defeat. Incidentally, Sanches broke after the first outing. Even the historian of Aouar, Dybala, Pellegrini and Spinazzola, as for physical problems, is unfortunately not the best.[…]The Roma, built in the summer between one problem and another, has a very evident engine and individual speed defect. But both with Salernitana and with Verona he played better than his opponent, shooting 40 times towards the opponent’s goal and hitting it 10 times. Three goals. Five shots conceded, 4 goals. Shall we talk about individual mistakes? 10) They say that Mourinho has the wrong strategy with Milan: if he had adopted that of Juric, who went to get Milan fans by man, he would have – at least – taken 4 at home. The missing game? Well, without the game, the fans have experienced two finals, seen one cup lifted and another stolen. Without the game Mourinho has won 26 titles. Best wishes to Synlab, paid analysis. If I’m biased (Mou)? Of course I am, but try to prove me wrong. (Corsport – I. Zazzaroni)

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