Mountaineering on the Matterhorn too dangerous

Due to the high temperatures, the risk of falling rocks increases in the mountains. For this reason, mountaineering is banned in some places – including on the Matterhorn.

the essentials in brief

  • The heat in the mountains is increasingly causing dangerous rockfalls.
  • For this reason, no more tours will be carried out on the Matterhorn until further notice.
  • Mountaineers also warn of falling rocks in the Bernese Oberland and in Valais.

The heat wave is also having an impact on mountaineering. For example, the high temperatures increase the risk of falling rocks. Among other things, there are currently no more tours on the Matterhorn.

“Safety first,” clarifies Beat Wälti from Zermatter’s mountain guide agency. The “SRF regional journal Bern Freiburg Valais” reported.

The heat wave is not only causing rock falls on the Matterhorn, but also increasingly elsewhere. For example, mountaineers advise against tours on the Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland. The Castor and Pollux mountains in Valais should also be avoided.

Important: These are only recommendations, the Swiss mountains are not closed. In France, things are a bit different: there, Mont-Blanc is currently not allowed to be climbed via the normal route.

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