Mountain towns urgently need to train more GPs for rural areas

The Spanish Association of Mountain Municipalities (Es Montañas) warn it more and more towns are left without doctors and there is no medical staff to replace the professionals who have retired in recent years. A problem they hope will worsen due to the large number of pending retirements.

Therefore, from Es Montañas, they consider it urgent that a expanding the number of places in medical schools, in order to ensure that quality health care is provided in mountain areas and other rural areas. “The problem of the lack of doctors in rural areas is becoming more and more serious. It is urgent that the universities significantly increase the number of doctors, as well as that the training of these professionals be reconsidered in order to value the practice of family medicine”, explains the president of the association and of the Ribagorza region, Marcel Iglesias.

This was revealed during the celebration of the last Executive Council held in Madrid at the headquarters of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP). There, the representatives of the mountain villages of Spain wanted to show the values ​​of rural medicine, a commitment that “Without the support of the administrations it runs the risk of going bankrupt”added Iglesias.

On the other hand, they from Es Montañas also want to recall their position on the possibility of having in Spain the payment for environmental servicesan issue they consider “key” to achieving territorial balance and social and economic development in mountain areas.

In this sense, the general secretary of the association, Maria Vergesinsisted on the need to “a in-depth debate about the territorial development model that the country needs to, among other things, equalize the rights and opportunities of the rural world with the urban world”.

Next conference, November 10 in Sobrescobio

During the meeting of the Executive Board, the date of the next sessions to be held in Sobrescobio, Spanish capital of the mountains 2022the next 10 November. An event financed by the Ministry of the Presidency of the Principality of Asturias.

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under the title of ‘Models for energy, biomass and livestock management in mountain villages’Sobrescobio wants to discuss the different energy models that can help the economic and social transformation of these areas, as well as the analysis of a correct management of biomass to reduce the rate of fires. For this it will have the presence of experts such as Marc Castellnouchief inspector of the Forestry Action Group of the Generalitat, or Emilio FernandezDirector of Hydraulic Plants of EDP Spain.

The Secretary General of Demographic Challenge, French buoywill be in charge of closing the event and announces the name of what will be the next Spanish capital of the mountains 2023.

The conference will allow the debate to be conducted from the fragile situation of mountain areas, spaces that suffer from economic and demographic problemsdespite the excellent opportunities for wealth creation they offer.



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