Motorist collides with young cyclists at intersection and runs away

A group of young people was kicked by a motorist on Saturday night at the intersection of Boschdijk and Kronehoefstraat in Eindhoven. This happened around half past four when the young people crossed the road on their bicycles.

“After the collision, the motorist drove on at high speed on Kronehoefstraat and left the victims in a helpless condition,” a police spokesman said.

Three youths were hit. One of them is said to be seriously injured, according to a 112 correspondent. It would have filled up and suffered a concussion.

Gray middle class
Due to the seriousness of the situation, an air ambulance, the fire brigade and two ambulances were called. Police closed the intersection for investigation.

The motorist is said to have driven a gray middle class car, allegedly a Volkswagen Golf. The police are asking people who saw anything about the collision or know where this car – with visible damage to the front – is to report.



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