Motorcycling – Jason Dupasquier’s brother stops the competition motorcycle

It was May 30th. Victim of a terrible fall during qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix, on the Mugello circuit, the promising Freiburg rider Jason Dupasquier succumbed to his injuries the next day at the Florence hospital at the age of 19.

A little over a month after this tragic death, Bryan Dupasquier (16), Jason’s younger brother, decided to put an end to a career that was yet to be promising, announces “Hello everyone, I want to share my decision with you. I decided to quit the world of motorcycles following my brother’s accident and for other reasons. I ask that no further comments be made as a result of my decision. Thank you.”

Bryan Dupasquier had logically been filled with the same passion as his father Philippe (motocross champion in particular) and his brother Jason. He notably participated in the Northern Talent Cup 2020, a competition reserved for pilots aged 12 to 17 years old.

He should have participated in the 2021 edition of this competition, but he was forced to give up following a fall on the Levier circuit (France), where he suffered a concussion which forced him to take a break from a month.

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