MotoGP: Jorge Martin what a show, terrifying turn in Catalunya

MotoGP: Jorge Martin what a show, terrifying turn in Catalunya

Jorge Martin enjoys his first day in Catalunya. Not even the time to start that he gives a spectacular fold! The first day of the MotoGP in Catalunya gave incredible images. There were some technical details, but the most spectacular moment bears the signature of Jorge Martin. In Practice 1, therefore also dedicated to work with a view to the race since it no longer applies to access to Q2, the Pramac standard bearer decided to have fun and the result was a crazy manoeuvre. Look at his overalls… Martin what a show! The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya offers incredible images every year of the MotoGP riders leaning over, but with Martin nothing but his elbow on the ground. A 59° bend at 110 km/h, with the Pramac Ducati number #89 practically lying on his left arm for the entire length of turn 5, is not seen every day. “It was more for the show than for the performance” the Spaniard commented amused, as reported by the Motosan colleagues. Direct Q2, but with difficulty Jorge Martin, fold aside, in the end gained access to the second qualifying session. But with the 10th time and with worse sensations than he expected. “We tried a lot of tyres, including the hard front, which we usually don’t do,” he explained. “With these temperatures, however, I wanted to try and it didn’t go badly, but in the time attack I had no front grip.” In short, there is work to be done. “Bagnaia is doing well, Zarco also seems to have found something I’m missing. A second late is not where we should be,” stressed Martin. Photo:

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