Two Grands Prix, and two victories. It is nothing to say that Fabio Qartararo ideally starts a 2020 MotoGP season of which he now appears to be the favorite. It doesn’t matter if he’s on a Yamaha from a satellite team. He is above all an official pilot who will join the factory structure in 2021. He is therefore entitled to all respects from the Iwata firm. That being said, this triumph came about in the absence of Marc Marquez. What if he had been there? The leader of the championship answers …

Fabio Quarataro begins his second season in MotoGP with a bang. In two meetings, contested on the same route of Jerez, he filled up with points. 50 were offered to him, and he took them without trembling. Maverick Viñales who aims to be the leader at Yamaha is at its cost. Here he is held in respect for ten points in the general classification by the Frenchman.

Fabio Quartararo waist therefore now boss, and not just on the track. His speech has also changed. It is imbued with a maturity now acquired: “ I’m proud to ride like this and to maintain that consistency for 25 laps. This is something that is very difficult »He says on DAZN. ” It wasn’t the same conditions as last week, so I had to ride differently. I think the adaptability and tire handling is something that I have improved over last year. We need to keep working this way and be able to adapt if conditions change. ».

“We won’t always have to think about winning”

Here it is, therefore, more formidable than ever. And, he assures him, if Marc Marquez had been present, he would have discovered it at his expense … Fabio Quartararo expresses himself first of all on his desire to return from this Andalusia Grand Prix: “ we pilots want to come back as soon as possible. But looking at Marc’s x-rays and watching the pre-race push-up video… I thought, “this guy is a robot. ” He couldn’t do the race and I think it’s normal with this injury, but it’s really amazing what he’s doing ».

He adds : ” with Marc we know that winning is even more difficult, but it’s great to have someone pushing you to the limit. I think if we’re here this year it’s because Marc pushed us to the limit last year ».

And listening to the rest, we see that he did his job very well… “ I have nothing to prove, I made two victories and when Marc comes back I will do the same, we will do the same work to fight to win. If you can’t, you can’t, but I have nothing to prove to Marc because he knows how I ride, just as he has nothing to prove because he is an eight-time world champion. ».

« I don’t want to compare myself to anyone, however, it is true that looking at myself I look like Lorenzo “. Then, lucid, Fabio ends: “ now there are three races where we are struggling the most, so we won’t always have to think about winning “. A determined approach from a solid candidate for the title …