MotoGP, 5th KTM and concessions: Carmelo Ezpeleta explains the truth

MotoGP, 5th KTM and concessions: Carmelo Ezpeleta explains the truth

KTM case, new wild cards and concession reform: Carmelo Ezpeleta responded to three highly debated topics in the MotoGP environment. It’s no secret that KTM has tried in every possible way to convince Dorna to give it at least one more bike in the next MotoGP championship. However, Carmelo and Carlos Ezpeleta denied Stefan Pierer and Pit Beirer that chance. The Mattighofen manufacturer will soon have to decide who to “sacrifice” between Augusto Fernandez and Pol Espargarò to free up the saddle of Pedro Acosta in the GASGAS Tech3 team. MotoGP, Ezpeleta reiterates his “no” to KTM Ezpeleta on the occasion of the presentation of the Catalunya Grand Prix, which will take place this weekend, was very clear: “There will not be a fifth KTM. Independent teams have rights and a value that they wouldn’t have if a motorbike were granted to everyone who arrives and asks for it. There has never been this possibility“. We will still see 22 riders on the MotoGP grid, the two places vacated by Suzuki’s withdrawal should be granted to a new manufacturer as soon as there is the possibility of welcoming another brand (probably only from 2027). Dorna’s CEO added the following on the KTM case: “It’s as if Barcelona had 12 players – reports – and left 1 on the bench. They have 4 bikes and 5 riders. In such a long championship, having 5 trained riders is positive. Plus there are the wild cards which help all the riders to be busy most of the time.” Wild cards and concessions: Dorna’s position Regarding the wild cards, the Spanish manager admitted that something could change for the future: “We will propose that there are more wild cards”. Ezpeleta was also asked about the famous concessions that Dorna would like to introduce to help manufacturers like Yamaha and Honda reduce the gap from the European ones: “There will be some changes. Concessions were made in the past when Ducati didn’t win and Yamaha and Honda were generous in granting advantages to the brands that entered. We will try again for next year. It’s about being competitive. Those who in the past gave space to concessions are the ones who need it now“. We need an agreement between all the manufacturers, we’ll see if anything changes. Photo:

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