Historic day for French sport. In the stifling heat of southern Spain, Fabio Quartararo indeed won the Andalusia Grand Prix on Sunday, and became the first French rider to win two Moto GP victories. Last week, in Jerez already, the Niçois won the first victory of his career in the premier class, 21 years after Régis Laconi. Decryption in figures (and with Laconi) of the insolent success of the man who can now dream of being the first French world champion.

25 laps in the lead

From the first to the last lap, Fabio Quartararo flew over the track. “If it hadn’t been for a French winner, I would have almost been bored,” laughs Régis Laconi. This race corresponds to the fluid driving style of the Niçois. But also easy as it appears, such domination is far from easy, assures the winner of 1999: “When I win in Valencia, I have a similar race. Everything seems very long, and there is a lot of pressure, especially on the last lap. “

2 grand prizes won

In Jerez, Fabio Quartararo becomes the first French Moto GP rider to win two Grand Prix. Such exploits raise hopes and questions: to what extent will the young driver mark the history of his sport? “These results already make him the best French rider, assures Régis Laconi, he stands out for his consistency”. Such precocity can also remind Kylian Mbappé, while Fabio Quartararo did not fail to wink at the Parisian striker by crossing the finish line arms crossed, standing on his machine. A reference noticed by the French international who congratulated him on Twitter.

2nd youngest driver to achieve the double

A double at 21 years and three months, only Marc Marquez the six-time world champion has done better than the French in history. For Quartararo’s second season in Moto GP, the world of motorsport was looking forward to the duel between the two riders. But Marquez, who broke his arm last week when he fell while chasing the Niçois, had to give up. “It’s a typical pilot temperament. I think Marc tried to come back too quickly, on a circuit where his right hand was used too much. It endangers the rest of his season. But we are all waiting for this battle between Fabio and Marc, ”regrets Régis Laconi.

21 years of waiting

When Régis Laconi won the Valencia Grand Prix, Fabio Quartararo was only… five months old. The retiree is delighted with the rise of the youngster, whom he finds “exceptional”. “I hope that the media coverage around Fabio will help the sport, that young riders arrive on motorcycles and that the sponsors follow. Because this sport is very expensive if we are not supported ”, deplores Laconi.

10 points ahead

After the Andalusian Grand Prix, Fabio Quartararo settles comfortably at the top of the standings, with ten lengths of margin over Maverick Vinales. For Régis Laconi, it is still too early to announce Quartararo champion: “We will see. After the Jerez Grand Prix last week, I was already thinking: Let’s wait for the next one. It will also be necessary to pay attention to the pressure, with all this fervor around him. “Especially since the Andalusian circuit suits the French well. “For Fabio, everything will be decided in the three Grand Prix to come. The Yamaha could have more difficulty in Austria (August 16 and 23), ”admits the elder.

3 Yamaha at the forefront

With three Yamaha in the first three places, the domination of the Japanese team appears perfect. But the machine driven by Fabio Quartararo shows some engine limits. Régis Laconi puts it into perspective: “Fabio’s riding style goes very well with the Yamaha. The Frenchman is also signed with the team to join Vinales as an official driver next season. “Yamaha signed Fabio even before the start of the season. They did well because Ducati had his eyes on him, ”reveals Régis Laconi.

5th last year

The domination of Fabio Quartararo reflects an image of complete serenity. However, the French pole position record holder (8) is only entering his second season in MotoGP. During the 2019 edition, he won fifth place and the title of best “rookie” (Editor’s note: best new pilot), but rolls after a race success that does not happen. “He came very close to several victories, but he did not have a factory bike like today, and did not have the same experience,” explains Régis Laconi.

4 years old on a motorcycle

Fabio Quartararo settles behind a handlebars from the age of 4, pushed by his father, Etienne Quartararo, former champion of France 125 cm3. Teenager, the Niçois evolves in Spanish championships and breaks records of precocity by obtaining an exemption to run in Moto 3 to 15 years. “El Diablo” is scheduled to win, but that’s not all. “Fabio is gifted,” confirms Régis Laconi, “but on a motorcycle it is not enough to do laps to succeed. The pilot must be efficient everywhere, on his machine but not only. “For now, he’s all right.