Mother of Fernando Villavicencio disavowed Ricardo Vanegas to give statements on the case – El Diario Ecuador

Mother of Fernando Villavicencio disavowed Ricardo Vanegas to give statements on the case – El Diario Ecuador

As is the nature of a mother, Gloria Valencia came out to defend the memory and the your child’s name Fernando Villavicencio.

This Monday, September 4, 2023, Mrs. Gloria Valencia sent a letter to the Guayaquil lawyer Ricardo Vanegas.

The letter was replicated by the former presidential candidate Christian Zurita, in your social network account X.

In the document, Mrs. Gloria Valencia, mother of Fernando Villavicenio, asked the former assemblyman, Ricardo Vanegas, to avoid giving a statement on the case, since it is “hindering the investigation.”

He did so on behalf of the relatives of the former candidate assassinated in Quito on August 9, 2023.

“We have been surprised by the public statement made by you, Dr. Ricardo Vanegas, stating that you have assumed the defense of the Villavicencio family”, begins the pronouncement of Gloria Valencia.

Fernando Villavicencio’s mother clarified that at no time was she authorized to assume the defense of the family.

The family denies these statements Ricardo Vanegas.

“It is not real that we have called it. We have been greatly surprised that you are using our name for political gain,” the letter said.

“You are hindering the investigative process of the murder of Fernando Villavicencio,” said the candidate’s mother.

Likewise, it indicated that as the mother of Fernando Villavicencio, it disavows Ricardo Vanegas from making statements.

This to the Justice Organisms, the Media and other instances as a lawyer for the Villavicencio Valencia family.

“As the mother of Fernando Villavicencio, I will always defend that the case of my son’s murder must be clarified,” he added.

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Vanegas, announced for digital media that he will formally be in charge of the legal defense of the Villavicencio Valencia family.

In addition, he expressed his intention to request evidence.

This regardless of the opinion of those who argue that an investigation should not be carried out.

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