Mother in Russia let three-year-old fall from balcony to her death

Moscow – According to investigators, a mother in Russia threw her three-year-old daughter from a balcony on the sixth floor. The child died in the serious fall in the city of Samara around 850 kilometers southeast of Moscow. The media published photos of plush toys and flowers that residents of the area had placed in front of the house entrance after the crime on Thursday.

According to media reports, the 23-year-old mother was said to have been drunk and tried to hold the little girl over the parapet on Tuesday to punish her. But the T-shirt was torn and the child fell down. On a video that is supposed to show the crime scene, a child’s voice can be heard shouting several times: “Mom, I’m scared!”. The mother is now in custody and is being investigated for murder. (APA/dpa)


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