Boes searched for hours on the night Tamar was hit. “She had to go to bed at noon, but she didn’t want to. I didn’t budge and she remained angry and said I’m going out. I went after it, but I didn’t find her. It was dark. I did consider going to the dike, but I thought she would be too scared to walk that way. ”

“My daughter was left on the roadside like an animal, it is too much for words,” said Boes. “The perpetrator now has a grudge. I can’t save Tamar anymore and my life is broken. But I want justice. ”

Operational specialist at the police Ed Schildknegt also addressed the perpetrator at the table and explained that it is suspected that he or she drove away in panic: “We want to solve this, but we miss the most important puzzle pieces.”

The funeral of Tamar will take place in private at the end of this week.

That says Richard de Weijze, spokesperson for the girl’s family against the NHD. He does not know at this time whether other activities are planned in the near future to commemorate Tamar.