Most powerful series BMW to date: M5 starts as a CS version

New power for spring: With the tightened M5 CS, BMW is rolling out its most powerful production car to date. That also drives up the price. What does the model impress with?

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When a CS version of the M5 goes on sale this spring, the sedan will be the most powerful production model in the BMW-Story. However, thanks to the power cure from Werkstuner M GmbH, the price has also reached new heights. According to BMW, it now starts at 180,400 euros. For this, the Bavarians have sharpened the 4.4 liter V8 engine again and increased the output by 7 kW / 10 PS to 467 kW / 635 PS.

Powerful acceleration

The maximum torque remains unchanged at 750 Nm. But because the sedan is 70 kilograms lighter, the M5 CS also accelerates better: it only takes 3.0 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and takes another three tenths of a second off the M5 Competition.

The top speed is still limited to 305 km / h. The consumption does not change and is provided by BMW with 11.1 liters (253 g / km CO2) specified.

Noble decorative elements and interior fittings

The M5 CS also wants to look more appealing and therefore relies on numerous decorative elements made of gold bronze and exposed carbon. In addition, according to BMW, there are not only special bucket seats made of carbon for the first row, but also two individual seats instead of the rear bench.


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