Most popular pizza from salami to Hawaii

Which pizza is the most popular in Germany? A survey provides information and a surprise.

The pizza is the most popular fast food dish in Germany and also in the world. There’s little doubt about that. When it comes to the toppings of a pizza, opinions differ. The most controversial of all pizzas is the Hawaiian pizza. Ham and pineapple belong on them. But there are critical voices as to whether the latter really belongs on a pizza. The results of a recent survey of the most popular pizzas should therefore come as a surprise to many.

Pizza Salami is the most popular pizza – surprise comes in second place

In a survey by the company “HelloFresh”, around 1,500 people throughout Germany were asked about pizza. 94 percent of respondents said they eat pizza at least once a month. Just over 17 percent said they eat pizza more than twice a month.

When it comes to the most popular pizza, many agree. In the survey, just over 35 percent said pizza salami was their favorite pizza. Only in one German federal state is it not in first place, in Saxony-Anhalt. There she has the controversial classic, the Pizza Hawaii supplanted. Overall, the combination of pineapple and ham earned second place with just over 20 percent of the votes. Quite surprising given the reputation that Hawaiian pizza has.

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Overview of the 2022 pizza ranking:

  1. Salami ~ 35 percent
  2. Hawaii ~ 20.5 percent
  3. Tuna ~ 7.5 Prozent
  4. Margherita ~ 5 Percent
  5. Funghi ~ 4 percent
  6. Ham ~ 3 percent
  7. Vegetarian ~ 2.5 percent
  8. Devil ~ 2 Prozent
  9. Special ~ 2 percent
  10. Calzones ~ 1 percent

Two thirds are clearly opposed to Pizza Hawaii

Looking at the results, one might think that Germany is largely a country of pizza Hawaii. But that is not the case, as 62.18 percent stated that pineapple has no place on a pizza. The prejudices seem to be confirmed here: either you love the Hawaiian pizza, or you hate it.

We want to know what you think: The Augsburger Allgemeine is therefore working together with the opinion research institute Civey. Read here what the representative surveys are all about and why you should register.

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