If you’ve got the numbers one and two on the list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood in your cast, you’ll soon be getting the most expensive Netflix movie ever. But as one sows, so shall one reap. Red Notice – with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot – is the best-scoring film in one week.

Netflix now shares much more data than in the past, via this website. An important indicator for the streaming service is the number of viewing hours, on which the success of a film or series is measured. For example, people worldwide have a total of 2.1 billion hours, which is equal to 239,700 years, but Squid Game looked. Well, that’s the most watched series ever.

Most expensive Netflix film turns out to be the highest-grossing

Of course, a film will never get that many minutes, but Red Notice generated more watch minutes in a week than any other Netflix Original film. In total, more than 148 million hours were watched in the first week of the action comedy. A record. Even after the first day, a record was already broken.

With an estimated budget of around 200,000 euros, Red Notice the most expensive Netflix movie ever made. But it is remarkable that this blockbuster is the highest-grossing film ever after the first week.

Red Notice registered the ground

all on Red Notice feels like a blockbuster from another era. Bland humor, absurd plot, lots of action and a cast that is just as too much is. Reviewers have written the film into the ground. “Bad for Hollywood, and probably bad for humanity too,” wrote Paste Magazine for example.

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In short, the most expensive Netflix film ever is a shiny and above all unnecessary action comedy, which you normally only want to see in the cinema. Sometime in the summer months, when there are no other options. Also Red Notice appeared briefly in theaters, albeit November. Originally, the production with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot was intended to be a big cinema hit for Universal, but due to the stagnating production schedule, the film studio dropped it.

Marketing wins

In the end, Netflix won the bidding war that followed. The streaming service was able to commit to the blockbuster budget and the hefty star salaries. The sheer size of Netflix’s subscriber base – now 214 million worldwide – meant that millions of people were massively bombarded with the first images from the film after opening their account. In addition, . had Red Notice only a very short run in cinemas, but the marketing was almost purely focused on streaming.

Just because the most expensive film is also the highest grossing film doesn’t mean it’s also the best. Far from even. It’s the marketing combined with the ever-growing subscriber base that wins here.

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Most expensive Netflix film ever also turns out to be the highest-grossing

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