Mosquitoes: the colors that attract them the most, to avoid wearing to limit bites

Mosquito bites are very unpleasant, especially for children. There are several ways to protect yourself, but unfortunately it is difficult to completely avoid these little bloodsuckers. It may therefore be wise to apply several methods at the same time to avoid making yourself attractive to them and, precisely, a new study published in the journal Nature Communications interested in colors that attract mosquitoes.

The colors that attract mosquitoes the most

According to the researchers, mosquitoes are particularly attracted to warm colors. Red, orange and black are the ones that are most attractive to them. Wearing plaid clothes would be fatal, especially if they are red and/or black! To avoid being attractive to the eye of these insects, it will instead be necessary to favor light and cold colors, such as green, blue, purple and white.

Smell is what attracts mosquitoes the most

Certain colors would therefore attract mosquitoes, but this is not the only factor that comes into play. The CO2 released by the body, perspiration, body temperature or even genes would play a role. But, the most important thing is the smell of the skin. Mosquitoes track odors, locate hosts, and visually find mates, explain the researchers. Unfortunately, you can’t fight against your natural body odor, but, by accumulating protections, such as wearing light colors, using mosquito repellent (checking the recommended age for children), or still avoiding turning on the light at night, we can limit the risk of bites.



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