Mosquitoes, if they are sprayed with an expired pesticide, increase their health and well-being, as well as the war of the two generals.

Mosquitoes, if they are sprayed with an expired pesticide, increase their health and well-being, as well as the war of the two generals.

The law, if it is sprayed with an expired pesticide, increases health and wellness, and so does the war of the two generals. Whenever an agreement is reached on a truce, the conflict becomes fiercer!!

Instead of hearing that the intensity of the fighting subsided after the armistice entered into force, we find that as soon as the armistice was announced, the fronts boiled with bitter fighting, and destruction, looting, and burning increased, and the defeated fled to the interior, and an estimated number sought refuge in neighboring countries!!..
America does not care if the people of Sudan are killed or whether they are alive. Rather, it cares about who their obedient man is coming to inherit the throne of the country. Thus, it is working to prolong these sterile negotiations that are unnecessary and do not fatten and sing from hunger, even though all the cards are exposed and scattered on the table and that it is in fact This war is being conducted by proxy in favor of the two superpowers competing to win the World Cup in the field of politics, economics and other vital fields, and for that people are sacrificed and eyes are closed to the disasters that befall them and their homelands as long as consciences have left for a long time on open leave!!..
Saudi Arabia revolves in the orbit of America, and it has military bases for these people, with which their seas abound. The war that Saudi Arabia and the Emirates entered against their brothers in Arabism and Islam, the happy country of Yemen, and all of this with deadly weapons that they bought at the most expensive prices from arms dealers, especially the Americans, who under the table are fueling conflicts in our Arab homeland and in public appearing as doves of peace and always expressing their concern and regret for the victims of wars and famines. Enough!! ..
We are the one who cares and cuts our hearts that our beloved Sudan has been boarded on the same train as Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, and the current picture of it is terrifying, and Muqrin Al-Nelain has turned into boulders that were washed away by the torrents from above, and Sudan, especially the capital, returned to the Middle Ages, and the regions are in their condition, which makes no question!!..
We arrived at the land of refuge, feeling oppression and looking forward to salvation, but the Jeddah negotiations are sponsored by two countries, and they are accused of deceit, crime and subjugation of peoples!!..

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Hamad al-Nil Fadl al-Mawli Abdul Rahman Qureshi.
refugees in Egypt.

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