Moscow: Dozens of Ukrainian generals and officers killed • Restrictions on Russian books and music

A month ago, Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, was virtually extinct. Since that time, the Ukrainians managed to push back the Russian army, giving residents the courage to go outside again. There is more life on the streets again, reported reporter Jeroen de Jager and correspondent David Jan Godfroid, who were also in the city a month ago. But the question is for how long. Today, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister reported on television that Russian troops are trying to get closer again.

In the area between Kharkov and the Russian border – now controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces – they see it happening. “In the space of two hours we hear the artillery fire getting closer and closer,” says De Jager. “While we are talking to residents, we can hear the artillery fire from the front in the background.”

For the residents in the village there is no reason to leave for the time being. They had already decided to stay anyway. Of the 7000 inhabitants, only 500 remain.

This is what their lives look like now:

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